Squamish wind and marine resources

Looking for current wind conditions in Squamish?

There are a number of anemometer, or wind meters, available online, including:

  • Squamish Windsport Society (Seasonal)

    The locals' real-time Squamish wind favorite, generously maintained and provided by our kiteboard and windsurf friends at the SWS.

  • Squamish Terminals

    A great backup when the SWS graph is not online. The meter is subject to deviations on hot days and outflow winds.

  • WindFinder

    Good general wind beta including historic data and forecasts.

Forecasting tools for Squamish wind

Join the club and try to predict the whims of Mother Nature. Good luck ;)

Squamish tides

Squamish can have large tidal ranges, which lead to strong currents, and hazzards for small personal watercraft, especially when wind and current are opposed. Always check tides before paddling in the waters around Squamish.